Secure, anonymous, untraceable
browsing on untrusted PCs and networks

Protect your privacy and security on the web.


Being online is
more dangerous than you think.

Online Banking: your PC is the weakest link

Don't risk losing your identity to a hacker. Keyloggers, man-in-the-middle network attacks, root-kits... these and other hacking techniques are used to scrape IDs and passwords. Anti-virus software won't guard against it.

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You don't have
any privacy.

Your full navigation history is handed to third parties every day. Your DNS provider, Content Delivery Networks, Advertising networks, Video providers, web analytics services... They all track every page you visit..

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Windows XP is

From April 2014 Microsoft not longer issue updates and XP is now inherently insecure. Hackers are unrestrained and having a field day with identity theft.

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RainDrop is a
fully secured browser.

When a User logs into the RainDrop website a new browser tab is opened instantly hosting the latest version of Chrome or Firefox and other related software like Java. A new Linux virtual machine is built afresh in the data centre on each login and appears inside the local PC browser via an encrypted connection. There is no prior history and nothing is retained after you're finished. It is completely anonymous and untraceable.

RainDrop is
your privacy shield.

All data collection mechanisms are hampered in RainDrop. Your temporary virtual machine is allocated a shared IP address, so DNS requests, CDN requests, your browsing history and your physical location cannot be associated with your personal identity unless you login to a website.

RainDrop is
your portable security solution.

Work securely from anywhere

Login to the RainDrop website from any device and continue browsing securely.

Bypass firewalls and content filters

Access Facebook and other websites without any problems or risk to your local PC or network.

Don't reveal
your location

RainDrop makes you appear to be sitting in one of our shared data centres.


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  • How does it work?
  • Once you have created your account, you're given access to your RainDrop - a personal virtual machine running Ubuntu Linux. The remote desktop will be shown inside a tab in your local machine's browser.
    Your RainDrop is built from scratch each time you login and nothing is stored so there are no traces left after you finish. No logs, no data, nothing.
  • How do I logout?
  • Just close your browser tab or window and your RainDrop will evaporate immediately without any traces.
  • What are the system requirements?
  • Any computer, tablet or smartphone with an HTML5-compatible browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE (10 or newer) will work. A mouse is not required, but it will make your life easier.
  • What do we store?
  • Only your login.